Understanding Your Child

Gain Insight Beyond the Cookie Cutter Method of Parenting

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    I Gotta Be Me: Who are you parenting?
    • I Gotta Be Me Workbook - The Entire Chapter or see it in bits below....
    • Introduction to I Gotta Be Me! FREE PREVIEW
    • Temperament Chart
    • I Gotta Be Me - Introduction
    • Activity Level
    • I Gotta Be Me - Activity Level
    • Distractibility
    • Distractibility
    • Persistence
    • I Gotta Be Me - Persistence
    • Approach
    • I Gotta Be Me - Approach
    • Adaptability
    • I Gotta Me Me - Adaptability
    • Emotional Intensity
    • Emotional Intensity
    • IGB - Threshold to Stimuli
    • End of Temperament
    • IGB - Regularity
    • IGB - Threshold to Stimuli
    • IGB - Mood

Learn about who you are parenting

I Gotta Be Me!

Our goal for this workbook is to describe temperament so that you can develop an accurate picture of your child's unique strengths and challenges.

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